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The Jennifer A. Somerville
Back to School Fund


Jennifer A. Somerville was an educator for the Richmond Public School System for over 29 years. Kind, regal, generous, thoughtful, warmhearted: These are just a few words to describe Jennifer. Her entire life was about serving others. 


Her student's meant so much to her and while some were underserved & overlooked, Jennifer never missed an opportunity to make sure they knew that in her eyes, they were special and enough. Her impact on them changed their lives forever. She was never looking for the credit. Their success was all she needed to keep her fulfilled. Not even summer breaks could keep her away from helping them. 


In her honor, we want to keep her spirit alive by making sure that back to school essentials aren't hard to attain for those in need. Contributions to our Jennifer A. Somerville Back to School Fund will make it possible to give children of all ages a positive start which will increase their confidence and help prepare them to learn. 


Help us by clicking here to donate.


Thank you Jennifer for giving every ounce of yourself to your students, family and community. You will be greatly missed but your spirit will forever live in US!

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