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Red Wall & Stairs

Initially, TOOMANY was focused on identifying and disrupting the crime that took place in black and brown communities. We wanted to step up and be a light only to realize that the darkness of the trauma and the weight of it stood in our way of being productive. After some time away, we've returned with a new focal point. Instead of focusing on the trauma first, we decided to show up with solutions and resources that help to inspire and influence positive change. In other words, instead of being reactive, we're now being proactive.

Our mission is to serve the underserved and overlooked by providing services to increase individual success and overall value in the areas of health and wellness, education, development and community engagement.

Our communities continue to grow thirsty of helpful resources and services. Since our birth in 2013, it's been simple for us:

Show up

Be Present

Inspire the Youth

Uplift the community

Check out our programs to see how we're giving back. Join us! Donate!

-Paris, Founder


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